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5 steps to create a memorable marketing plan

Updated: May 25, 2021

How do you create the most effective marketing plan?

Here are five steps from one method, that has recently seen positive results.

  1. Understand your problem

  2. Understand your customer

  3. Create an emotion

  4. Ask a question

  5. Don't answer

First you have to understand the problem your company is trying to solve. Your understanding of the solution, is generally only going to be as applicable as is your understanding of the problem. And at the end of the day, that's all marketing is, problem solving. So how can we promote your brand online? How can we help your business directly receive more customers in the next 30 days? These are all problems that your marketing plan is trying to solve. Emphasizing, first understand your problem.

Once you thoroughly understand the unique problem that your business is facing, you have to fully understand your customer. What problem is your product or service solving for them? It's not what you sell, or what you do, but how your product or service changes their lives that they are paying for. Experiences included. So no matter your industry, you need to know your demographic. What is your target customer like. Not just what do they like, but why.

Once you have a clearer understanding of the underlying cause of why your customer chooses you, you will then have a better chance of creating an emotion. This is the best way to get into your customers hearts and minds and stay there. Some companies do an excellent job with heartfelt television commercials. These become the commercials you un-mute the television to watch. Others go for a catchy jingle and hope to win over your heart by staying in your head. But let's assume you don't have a multi million dollar ad budget to work with, but you still need to convey a message that will net a similar result.

Ask a question. Ask a question particular to your customers problem. Remember knowing why your customer chooses you will allow you insight as to how to better serve their needs. So address that. And 9 cases out of 10 it's more than just price. So address that problem with a unique question that encourages the customer to think about how you impact their life.

And finally don't answer. It's only natural to feel empowered in doing so. After all you brought them to this point, you have their attention, this is where you can really turn on the sales jets and lock in that subscription, or new sale. But instead of telling the customer the answer to this question, create an opportunity for them to think about it themselves. This furthermore creates a memorable experience. If your customers are thinking about your ad, after they have already seen it, you won.

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